What a Scary Week

Table of Contents

Something pretty scary happened

The stroke scare of 2021

So, my buddy I’ve known for the last 30+ years had an aneurysm, and I had to take him to the hospital. There’s been one other time I had been around someone who had a stroke was his dad. It’s a scary thing to see someone who is there, they are aware of what is going on, but they can’t communicate, they’re getting confused at why, and everybody is rushing around like mad. I also saw how badly life had been for him afterward. Brain injuries are the most existential fear I could fathom. Things like strokes, schizophrenic breaks, Alzheimer’s, and even down to LSD trips… I don’t know why people have such a fascination with this. I can expressly tell that I have already lost too many friends to the afterlife, and I have such difficulty bearing it - though I know it is a matter of living a long life.

Man, it is only Monday, and there’s so little positive to follow.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Sort of on a lesser note, I’m glad Rittenhouse finally got acquitted of charges. He seemed like a good kid and wanted to be a positive change. Boy, will the world be shocked when they realize he was defending minority-owned businesses, Hispanic descent, and was supportive of BLM… he didn’t want his hometown destroyed. I think you should protect your hometown from outsiders, especially when they are literally starting dumpster fires and pushing them towards buildings.

As for work

Yeah, I did check my emails, but I did not log in. If I stooped to that, I’d end up getting roped into making some fixes that there are Jiras for, and my AO will demand should have been done months ago. To be blunt, that’s what bugs are - we put in the code, it didn’t behave the way we intended, we can assign a priority as high, but I need to take vacation days; otherwise, I’m going to burn out and not GAS.


I figured out how to export my old blogs, which you’ll probably notice are hanging out there. I’ve also done a bit of tinkering with languages and menus (mostly added Japanese stuff for shorts and gorggles). It would be nice to get back to Angular and API stuff, but it is eating an elephant and just don’t know where to stick my fork.