Catching up again with the web world

On the plus side, I’ve figured out my hosting problems.  Now I just need to do some stuff that I have been putting off.  I have 2 websites up-and-running that I feel like on a more stable hosting platform, which means I need to get back into making webpages and whatnot.  Really, it is a good chance for me to experiment with code that I don’t get the opportunity at work: TypeScript, Identity Management, and artwork.  Though, to be fair, I do want to mess with putting a Live2D model on my landing page for my personal site.  For the RLI site, I need to dig out the artwork that we own and re-do the corporate logo and IPs.  I’m not sure if I should post it right away without getting the copyright for it - I’ll have to check with Tim on that one.

I’d also like to get back into my music generation app and get pen-to-paper on the Shadowrun novel I’ve been mulling over.